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About Hope For Ollie


About HopeforOllie

HopeforOllie was established in 2011 after my son Ollie was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at 10 weeks of age, to find a cure for all boys with this fatal muscle wasting condition. By creating and selling handmade items both online and at markets, as well as hosting a number of fundraisers each year, approximately $200,000 has been donated to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to fund clinical trials and research. A task only possible with the help and support of the wonderful community and local businesses. 

HopeforOllie acts as a fundraising agent on behalf of The Children's Hospital at Westmead. 


About Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

DMD is the most common type of muscular dystrophy, affecting approximately one boy in every 3,500 worldwide. It is a genetic condition which causes muscles to weaken and break down, leading to progressive difficulty with walking and general mobility.

Boys affected by DMD generally lose the ability to walk by 12 years of age, after which they need to use a wheelchair. The muscle degeneration in DMD affects all muscles of the body including the breathing muscles and the muscles that hold the spine straight.

Currently, there is no cure for DMD, however, there is a tremendous amount of research taking place across the world and Australia is at the forefront of this research. Researchers have made great advances in their knowledge of DMD and continue to search for a cure. At the present time, the only treatment that experts recommend to slow the decline in muscle strength and mobility is steroids.


About Ollie

Ollie, “our little man” is the most adorable, easy going and happy boy. Always on a mission, with big sister Emily right behind him. 

Ollie was diagnosed with DMD when he was 10 weeks old. He will experience difficulties walking around the age of 5 or 6. He will start to stumble and fall a lot as he loses strength in his legs.

From approximately 6 to 8 years of age onwards, he will require a manual wheelchair in order to manage longer distances. 

From about 9 years of age an electric wheelchair will be required as walking will be too difficult. The condition is severe enough to shorten his life expectancy as it ultimately affects heart function and breathing

About The Ortega Family

Often Primary School friends are the ones that stick in your memory most. If not for the innocence alone, but it seems the joy of being at school for the first time makes these friendships so unique. Hugo and Patricia met at school during these early formative years and reconnected thanks to Facebook.

As a father of three himself Hugo has been blessed with a happy brood that are the focus of his life. With a deep understanding of the pain of loss, it was the birth of his daughter Amber, and the loss of her identical twin sister Dea, which turned his world upside down. With great support from family and friends, Amber has grown into a happy child and is dealing well with the knowledge of what occurred.

Hugo has been married for 13yrs (as of 2013) to Luljeta, which is the youngest of 9 children in her family. When both heard of Ollie’s plight, and Patricia’s journey, they decided to do all they can to make themselves available. Not sure how to help they looked within their own resources and were able to donate the “Hope For Ollie” website, with integrated eCommerce solution and more.

The website has helped Patricia accelerate how she helps Ollie, and other boys like him; Hugo has continued his support with all his “nerdy” powers and contributes with maintenance and online strategies and efforts.

The Ortega family feel honoured by sharing in Ollie’s beautiful journey, and vow to be available as needed by Patriica, Tim and the gang at Hope For Ollie. They feel confident there will be a cure in Ollie’s lifetime, but know that is not a guarantee. With a sense of urgency the family learn, discuss and plan for Ollie’s needs and look to assist where possible.

Any form of assistance you can provide, by way of buying product, looking to collaborate with Hope For Ollie or even by sending kind thoughts, are always welcomed and help keep the wheels in motion for all.

The Ortegas wish you lots of love and send a big thank you to all those caring for Ollie and other Boys with DMD get through this.